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Hilary Peters

Hilary Peters D.HYP PDCHyp MBSCH

Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Crystal Therapy, Angelic Reiki & Flower Remedies

Phone: 01905 771 448 (please leave a message) Mobile: 07860 852 750

Hilary developed an interest in complementary therapies when she worked as a criminal lawyer for many years prosecuting defendants charged with rape, sexual assault, child abuse and domestic violence. This work proved stressful and she turned to complementary therapies to help her deal with the pressure of this demanding work.

Hilary is a full member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists having obtained practitioners diplomas in hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy. She combined her hypnotherapy training with counselling training and holds a level 4 Counselling Diploma.

Crystals have always fascinated Hilary and she has completed three years of training in crystal therapy and has certificates in crystal therapy. The importance of the human energy field is not always recognised. Beyond the physical body is a person’s energy field which is mostly unseen. It has been referred to as a person’s aura. Shock and stress can cause blockages in a person’s energy field which affect a person’s physical body. The physical body has numerous energy centres called chakras. Crystals emit a constant frequency and the right crystals placed on the body’s energy centres help balance those centres and as a result the physical body benefits and a person’s feeling of well being is increased.

As well as crystal therapy Hilary has been trained to use Reiki and after several years training became attuned as a Reiki Master using Usui Reiki. She has also attended courses in Angelic Reiki and uses energy associated with Archangel Metatron. She now holds a Practitioner Certificate in Angelic Reiki and has been impressed with the results that are obtained with this particular treatment which is easily combined with other therapies.

During a very stressful period in her life Hilary was introduced to Bach flower remedies. These proved very beneficial and she uses them personally on a regular basis to balance her mood. She combines them with other therapies to good effect when treating clients. She says "I have found that when I am seeing clients who want to stop smoking the flower remedies have made the process much easier because they focus on a client’s specific feelings. Everyone is different and we all experience things differently. The flower remedies can help with balancing specific emotions. Most people have heard of Rescue Remedy but there are 38 Bach flower remedies and each one has a specific use and can target specific feelings." The remedies can be used at home and will continue to benefit the client when out of touch with the therapist.

Using her hypnotherapy, counselling, crystal therapy and Reiki training Hilary specialises in helping people who need help with :-


Hilary can see clients on weekdays (day and evening) and weekends by arrangement.

Phone: 01905 771 448 (please leave a message) Mobile: 07860 852 750

Address: 12, Nuffield Drive Droitwich Worcestershire WR9 0DJ

Charges are £50 for a session lasting up to 90 minutes. Stop smoking is charged at £100 with a second free consultation to reinforce the work if required. Free Initial consulation available and negotiable fees for long term work.